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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the deal with 150 grams? Why not sell them after just three meals, like others do?

This is probably the question we get asked most often. The short of it, is that we're not comfortable selling you a ball python after only three or four meals. We believe that it's not possible to refer to a ball python as an established feeder, if it's only had a small number of meals (five or less). By the time our babies hit the 150 gram mark, they've had a minimum of 15 appropriately sized prey items. This allows us to identify and focus on any problem feeders, which are then retained until such time as we're comfortable and confident that it eats like it should.

My ball python isn't eating! What can I do?

If we were to offer any advice, it would be to read this post by Justin Kobylka - The Psychology of Problem Feeders – Get your Ball Python eating again. It offers a fascinating insight into the natural behaviour of ball pythons and is something we have tried and tested. We can definitely attest to the efficacy of the tips offered by Justin in this post. What this post also does, is highlight the necessity and the importance of keeping your ball pythons clean.

Should I buy a male or a female ball python?

It really doesn't matter! Unless you're thinking about breeding ball pythons, there are no noticeable differences in demeanour or attitude between the sexes. Keep in mind that male ball pythons may go on a "hunger strike" during breeding season, particularly when they're sexually mature (around 500-600 grams). This can be unnerving for first-time owners, but rest assured, it will pass.

Do ball pythons bite and are they venomous?

They CAN bite, but most of the time they choose not to and no, they're not venomous. A paper cut probably hurts more than a ball python bite.

Do you have any ball pythons for sale?

If you'd like to see which ball pythons are available, please take a look at our Ball Pythons For Sale page.

Is my ball python a boy or a girl?

The best way to determine the gender of your ball python, is to have it probed or sexed by a veterinarian or by an experienced member of your local reptile club.

Do I really need a permit if I want to buy a ball python?

As we (A&M Ball Pythons) are situated in the Western Cape, we are governed by and have to comply with the regulations set forth by Cape Nature. Every ball python sold, must and will be sold with the mandatory transport permit from Cape Nature. Please do not ask us to sell you a ball python without a permit, as this will lead to a refusal and your possible disappointment.

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