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Buying A Ball Python? Here's What We Offer.

Other than providing you with a healthy, established ball python, we also pride ourselves on delivering service of the highest standards! It's that simple. Coupled with unparalleled hygiene and cleanliness, as well as our selective nature when deciding on new additions, it becomes evident why A&M Ball Pythons should be your first choice when you're searching for a new ball python. For us, this is more than just a hobby. The urge to make a quick buck, is overshadowed by the needs to have a rock-solid reputation and to be associated with quality, integrity and great value.

Assurance of Quality SealWe are also all too familiar with the challenges that come with buying a ball python as a hatchling! This is why we choose not to sell them to you as hatchlings. We only make them available once they're well-started, established, little ball pythons.

To the best of our abilities, each and every ball python supplied by A&M Ball Pythons will:

   have a complete tracking record for feeds, sheds, weight gain etc.
   weigh a minimum of 150 grams at the time of your purchase.
   have had in excess of 15 meals (minimum), to achieve our required selling weight.
   readily accept frozen/thawed or freshly killed prey items.
   be free from mites, parasites and respiratory infection.
   be familiar, or reasonably familiar to human touch.
   have been probe-sexed more than once to confirm gender.
   contain the advertised genetics.

Should you, for whichever reason, be unhappy with your purchase, please discuss this with us directly. Your satisfaction, future referrals to A&M Ball Pythons and our reputation is important to us.

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What do you do once you get home with your new ball python?

Excited as you may be, it is in the animal's best interest to allow for a settling in period, after transporting it to its new home. We have a few easy-to-follow guidelines which will help you get the most from your new ball python. Please expand each section, below, to see the content therein.

Treat your new baby to a bath.

Depending on your travelling time and whether or not we shipped the animal to you, you may want to consider soaking your new hatchling. We take great care ensuring that the tubs or containers we provide for transport, are clean, but there is always a possibility of the animal urinating or defecating during transport. Shipping a snake over a long distance, may also lead to it becoming dehydrated. Soaking your hatchling will help with rehydration after a long, stressful journey. Please ensure that the water is lukewarm. A temperature between 25°C and 30°C should be ideal. Another thing, your hatchling is not trying out for the 50m breaststroke. A container with enough water to go halfway up the snake's body, is sufficient.

Let it be.

In our opinion, this is the difficult part. Getting your first ball python can be very exciting, but once you've placed your baby in their new enclosure, the best thing is to just leave them alone. If you've done your homework, you'll know that ball python hatchlings can be very insecure. They really do need time to settle in before you show them off. See that they have enough places to hide and remember that ball pythons prefer tight spots. We normally advise a settling in period of roughly seven days, but a confident ball python could easily settle in after 3 or 4 days. Try your utmost not to handle your baby during this time and remember, once it's settled in, you can show all your friends your cool new pet.

Your first feeding session.

Your ball python is nocturnal. We feed mostly during the evenings, for this very reason. If you're feeding your ball python for the first time, try to do it after sunset. Your new hatchling will not only be more active during the night, but will, more than likely, also prefer eating during this time. One appropriately sized prey item should be enough. If you're feeding frozen/thawed or freshly killed items, you can leave them in the enclosure overnight. Please do not leave your new baby to overnight with a live prey item.

Keep 'em separated

If you have other snakes in your collection, it is important to quarantine your latest acquisition! You should do this anyway, no matter who you bought your new baby from. The process of quarantine is only to ensure that your new hatchling is free from parasites and disease. Monitor the animal for a period of 30 days and remember to properly clean and disinfect your hands before and after every interaction you have with your new baby. We use F10 Hand Gel along with other F10 products and would strongly recommend these as your first line of defence against any form of contamination. Remember, rather be safe than sorry.

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